Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)


An electronic document management system (EDMS) scans hardcopy (digitalizes) documents and controls and tracks the modification of documents stored in the database through revisions and versions. Through the library services and version control offered in EDMS, organizations can centralize documents so they are not saved to individual hard drives or file shares. Organizations can centralize the management of critical business documents that are changed by providing offline synchronization for remote users, ensuring that they are always accessing version-accurate copies.

Users can save revisions and stamp versions of any document type stored in the repository. Seamless integration with Microsoft® Office allows users to open, edit, save and access other functionality related to Office documents, either directly or from the native Office applications. The ability to view multiple revisions of a single document and make specific revisions available for public access through version control provides a complete audit trail of all changes and allows users to view the specific information they require.