Thin Client Installation

Mini PC JFTCX2400 Silver

The 21st century education is based on the flow of information, but how can you afford to provide access to digital education everywhere? Educators face budget cuts, few or outdated PCs, limited IT support staff, crowded and hot computer labs, growing student populations, and the desire to move e-learning into the classroom. We address this growing complexity with simplification, deploying the latest Thin Client computing technology.

In line with global trend of smart and cost effective ways of doing things; we are pleased to introduce to you the most innovative technology tools to set up a world-class e-Library, e-Learning and CBT centre. This will save your institution 50% on computers; 70% on maintenance and 90% on electricity in setting up the laboratory for your organization. The technology is designed to reduce hardware; maintenance and energy costs weighing 2kg or less, using 17watts of power. The thin client is less than half of the price of a PC of similar configuration.